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SAM S Sites is a long-time website master who had a daughter getting married. The need came up to keep track of the response cards. Mom got inspired to create a database with a way to maintain the guest responses and add up each meal for the venue. Then they needed to assign tables so each guest wouldn't be forgotten. They did it with the website. One thing led to another and they printed their place cards right from the website. Everything was accurate and on time with much eliminated stress.

SAM knew she had a good thing but it didn't end there. She decided other brides could use a site like this along with one to build invitations. The site has grown to include evites, ennouncements and announcements, as well a esave-the-date and a place to keep track of gifts sent.

The site continues to grow as SAM sees more possibilities. Watch for video, a design section for themes, a planner and a way to show your photos of the wedding when it is over. There are many more ideas and we know brides know best what is needed. Please feel free to send us your ideas to be included.

Daughter EmLee adds much to make Wedding Guest Connection a success.

SAM S Sites

Em Doing Mom's Hair at the wedding

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