Make Your Wedding Be Memorable For All The Good Reasons

Planning a wedding can be daunting. I know when my daughter and I planned her wedding we didn’t realize what we were getting into. It becomes evident once your plans get going the importance of a professional wedding planner. Event planners can be helpful and reduce a lot of stress but one who specializes in weddings can not only reduce stress but create the most awesome memorable event.

One of the biggest lessons I learned, seeing I only have one daughter, is make your guest list first. It can really help in controlling your budget. The first thing we did as we were also looking at dresses, was to find the venue. It didn’t take long. We wanted to reserve the date. The first thing the venue asked is how many guests. We had no idea. I said I could invite 30, my daughter said she could invite 30 and the in-laws would invite 30. So we shared to the venue 90 would be invited and we will expect 75 to show up. It turned out that we invited not 90 but 150 and 110 confirmed. That can impact your budget. can get your wedding off to a great start. It helps you manage your guest list and a lot more. It is just the tool you need whether working with a planner or not. It puts you in control giving your planner more time to get creative. If you decide to go it alone it has many other features including how to make your own invitations and print your envelopes.


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Should the Ceremony Have Announcements

At most wedding ceremonies that I have attended through the years there are announcements made usually by the officiate or other spokes person in charge. With most wedding rehearsals  it is known to be informative about  the intentions of what to announce to the wedding guest. What to expect by announcing to the guest after the ceremony, what they can expected next.

It is important for them to know due to sometimes a lot of thoughtful planning goes into a wedding and as honored guest they  should have a little knowledge of what or where to go in light of those who traveled from a distance either may or may not know the area.  Sharing part of the bride and groom’s wishes of the event can be very helpful to be announced at that time.

As a honored guest don’t assume anything if announcements have not been done at a wedding just politely ask someone who is in charge. The event coordinator should they be available or ask as you are seated before hand, someone always will find an answer for you or direct you in the right direction. Sometimes the bride will have the announcement typed up on what she wants to address to the guest after the ceremony  before the reception just to give you an idea, so after the ceremony always wait in your seat until you are asked to depart and maybe you will hear an announcement that will answer your questions.

  1. I have a few announcements here today  Jason and Jennifer ask that you enjoy yourself by starting towards the reception for refreshments until the wedding party has completed their photos . They will join you within the hour.
  2. Guest please, those that are attending the reception are asked at this time can  acquaint each other with your new family. Enjoy the festivities that are planned for you before the bride and groom arrive.
  3. Ladies and Gentleman would you now join the reception line waiting for you at the entrance and blessing this new couple on their journey  today  after that they will greet you in the reception area after photos are taken . . Thank you!

Guests are important to the wedding and should always be treated as such  family or friends it is a joyous  occasion to be asked to attend a couples wedding and they want you to enjoy your time in celebration of their commitment together and share the love on their wedding day so they plan it to be fun with great food ,entertainment sometimes with games but the choice of you to relax and meet each others family is the most important of all I have found to be most rewarding in weddings I have attended and have completed from beginning to end and have gone over every detail


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Wedding Protocol for Wedding Party at the Altar

Since we only get married once or that is the intent, the protocol for ceremonial ritual is knowledge most of us don’t retain. At your wedding rehearsal you will find that the coordinator or officiant will direct your entrance to the  ceremony site on how to walk and who is first and on down  the line. After all guest have been seated. Music will start for ceremony begins.
Most traditional weddings are as follows :
  • Brides mother and her grand parents are seated by the ushers.
  • Grooms parents and grand parents are also seated by the ushers.
  • Followed by the officiant
  • Groom
  • Best man
  • Groomsmen
  • Ring Bearer
  • Brides Maids
  • Maid of honor
  • Flower Girl
  • Bride and her father
When the officiant stands in center of ceremony area. All party as groom, best man, groomsman and ring bearer will stand on the LEFT SIDE of officiant. The Ring Bearer if young may need guidance from the groomsman in front of him.
Brides maid and maid of honor and flower girl all stand to the RIGHT SIIDE of officiant leaving room for maid of honor next to officiant to help the bride with her bouquet Often, when the ceremony is over, the bride and groom are announced husband and wife by name. The maid of honor hands her the bouquet and they go to a reception line.
The bridal party follows with groomsmen and bridesmaids arm and arm and stand with the wedded couple along with ring bearer and flower girl ended the walk and guest will greet them on their way out and congratulations to the newly wedded couple.
Do know that not all weddings today have a procession line but with today’s times have changed and any thing goes with what the bride and groom decide on their special wedding day for every wedding is different.
The family traditions and different cultures play a dynamic role on how they want their wedding to go. It is common with  the Jewish custom for both parents to walk the bride down the isle. In some cases both the father and the step father of the bride walk her down the isle because they both played a role in her life. Sometimes a brother, relative or a close friend walk a bride for many reasons.
But our traditional family protocol is that the father of the bride walks the bride down the isle and gives her hand to the groom, kisses the bride and shakes the grooms hand.
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Seating Protocol for the Guests

Seating for guest, whether or not you add ushers for your wedding or use the groomsmen as ushers is acceptable .The groom may asked the groomsmen to honor him as groomsmen to seat their guests. If you want to seat your guests, accordingly, here are some correct ways of doing this :

  1. First: as a guest approaches, the ushers always with a smile and greet with a question, “are you a guest of the bride or the groom?
  2. Second question to ask :Are you immediate family? The first row is normally only used for the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom as well as grand parents and sometimes added rows are for other family members such as: sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and their guest and others may go into the 2nd or 3rd rows and so on .Let me explain why immediate family get seated in the first row and so on is important . If a guest is the bride or groom’s mother and the ushers need to know that mothers and fathers of both Bride and Groom parents are usually seated along with the beginning of the wedding ceremony along with the grandparents, if attending. Aside from protocol, immediate family seating arrangement goes by the wishes of the bride and groom. This should be discissed at the rehersal dinner.. Usually there is a designated waiting area for the parents and grandparents and they know whether they are to be seated before the wedding ceremony begins. Ushers must know who is considered a guest or immediate family and ask the proper questions for proper seating.
  3. Which side is proper for the seating of guests . Guest will be seated on bride or grooms side starting after the rows of immediate family seating area. The Bride’s guest and family seating is on the left as you approach the area where the ceremony is being held and the Groom’s guest and family seating is to on the right.

These are a few simple protocols When guest enter all ushers greet with a hello a smile and ask the proper question. Each facet of different cultures have different meaning but this way is the most popular by our American tradition of today.

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Guests — Smartphone> Computer> Wedding

Have you ever run into a guest that you wanted to invite to your wedding but didn’t have their address so you asked them, wrote it down and then lost the paper? It happens. Now with a cell phone you can text it to yourself but here is an even easier way to enter it to your wedding guest list database.


Once you create a account, you can log in on your smartphone and enter the guest’s address into the mobile site through your phone and it goes into the database, which also can be accessed through your computer.

The computer account has many more features than the mobile account but the mobile account can be useful when out and about.

You can access through the web area on your smartphone. Create a shortcut by bookmarking it. In fact, on your iPhone and some droids, the bookmark will create an icon in the area of your apps.

Don’t forget to like us in Facebook.

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Using A Spanish Translator for Wedding Vows

My bride calls me a day before the wedding frantic she asked if I knew how to
speak in Spanish and I replied no only English and French. So I calmed her down
and told her let me talk to a few people I know and see what I can do.

I called my dear friend Jose  and he is from South America and he looked
over the words I translated into Spanish for this couple to see if he could
translate for me to the parents at the wedding and I read the vows to them in English.

He of course said he would try it and we went over all he had to repeat and yes,
he was nervous but, the day of the wedding he came through it all with flying
colors and a prayer and was tickled about how much goes into a wedding.  He was honored that he has done this for the couple that day. On October 27th 2012  Mr and Mrs Luis Cota were wed on a beautiful back yard wedding and all were in delight that they understood what was being translated. So you can see that no matter what obstacles are put in front of you God can get you through it all for his glory.

Rev. Savannah Kline

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Win Wedding Invitations

The website is sponsoring a contest to win wedding invitations. We will print up to 100 invitations, response cards and envelopes for you. We want you to try the site.  We want feedback as to how you like it and want to get users.

The site offers seven different themes. One of the themes allows you to pick a color which becomes the border of the printed invitations. You can actually print your own invitations on the site but if you win prints them for you.

There are 5 steps to win. The first step is to register. The second is to list 10 guests, The third step is to start your wedding party list. The fourth is to play with the themes and pick one and the last one is to fill out the form.

The site is designed to help a bride get organized which can help her save money and be ready for the big day. It offers many nice things. Have you thought about emailing a save-the-date where your guest gets to click and put the event into their computer calendar. has a planner, check list and a place to maintain your budget. If you are a bride it is worth checking out.

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Considerations in the Do-it-yourself Wedding Venu

With today’s venue prices and the economy as it is, it makes sense to consider having your own wedding and planning it yourself. The difference between a wedding and another type of event is that you only plan to get married once. That means it can be hard to make the best choices when you do not have your own experience to rely on.

The best way to get the process started is to decide how many guests are coming to the wedding, and your accuracy is important. One chair may not cost you much, but if you are one chair short, that could be embarrassing. For this reason, we recommend that you start your guest list early, because it can make a difference on where you pick for the location of your wedding. It is not unusual to think 50 guests will come and then you end up with 70, and the room you want to have it in is only able to accommodate 60.

The wedding and reception can be a backyard event, or you can have it at a local park. Considering an outdoor wedding may mean you need to order a tent. In Arizona you can most likely count on not having rain, but the sun can be unbearable, even in the winter.

I talked to Ginia Lucas with Y-Knot Party, MWV Arizona’s only Master Wedding Vendor, with State Coordinator Association for Bridal Consultants, which is a party supply store that lets you rent everything. The one question I asked her was, “If I were a bride and I invite about 100 guests, what would it cost me to rent for an outdoor wedding tent?”. She estimates that it would cost about $2,500 to $3,000. They do not handle the food, and she was clear that they do not hold the bride’s hand on the protocol of the big day. They will set everything up and take everything down, but it costs about $250 for this service. A bride on a budget may think real hard on that $250 base setup fee. I do suggest that this fee is worth saving up for. Even if you get your brother-in-law to do it for free, something is bound to go wrong and this can be upsetting not he big day. Putting these type of things in the hands of a professional can eliminate mistakes and ease the stress.

Planning a do-it-yourself wedding  is a challenge that you need to be ready for. The one thing you may have on your side is time if you plan appropriately. If you can allow yourself enough time, it gives you more flexibility to make the right choices and the time to save up for those extra things to make the wedding unique to you.

Wedding Guest Connection helps you stay accurate on your wedding headcount. Get started right now, register at

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Inspiration from a friend on relationships

My Friend and Mentor Larry James

Meeting Larry has been an inspiration for me in getting started on my own Blog and my writing and I wanted to share this with my readers. I just love what he writes on his blog that I wanted to share it .

Friday, December 30, 2011 Guest coach Friendship, Guest, Spirituality Tagged: Steven Eric Connor, Guest Author A Great Relationship is Built First on Friendship

Relationships: In all relationships, new and established, it’s wise to build upon a solid foudation of friendship. A real friend never gets in your way and will remind you when you’re getting in your own way. If you want more happiness in your life create happiness for others and feel it spill over into your heart.

Love is friendship set on fire ~ Jeremy Taylor

Tolerating one another is not the same as enjoyng one another and being together. Peace and love on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside. Let your spiritual awareness redirect your priorities and attention. Your faith and perseverance defines you – don’t allow anything to set you back when God is bringing you forward.

My Comment: I  would like to add that sharing this has true meaning of starting new beginnings  in any great relationship between two people with what is in your heart truly comes forward as you walk with God.

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I recommend maintaining this guest seating:

This is also helpful to the wedding reception.  Keep in mind any venue for a reception especially a sit down affair to be more organized in doing this ensures your wedding to be more successful towards serving an individual sit down venue dinner to each table this list will ensure each person gets what they ordered and seating with names at each table is essential to hand to the chef before reception can be a great help in the kitchen when servers know what table who ordered what on their selection of food.

So, keep in mind to better serve your special guest all will come together. When all is thought out for that perfect day you have been waiting for all of your life, to be as well organized as possible. If you need to always hire a wedding planner is best recommended. Try not to do it all by yourself they offer a verity of different packages. Some just to help at receptions and packages just to help out in the wedding preparation. So “Be kind to yourself”, you will be a happier bride to be without all the stress…

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